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David A. Kolman

Fleet Maintenance editor David A. Kolman shares his insights on the fleet maintenance and trucking industry.

  • The challenges with vehicle diagnostics today

    By David A. Kolman - Monday April 21, 2014
      As with everything, diagnosing vehicle issues has changed considerably as time has relentlessly moved on. In speaking with Mike Delaney, president and CEO of dedicated service and parts network WheelTime ( www.wheeltime.com ) at a recent industry event, he observed that one of the elements that has compounded diagnostics is that “a truck used to be an assembly of parts. Now a truck is...
Erica Schulz

Industry Experts share what's on their mind regarding the industry.

  • What's the next generation of the heavy duty aftermarket industry saying?

    By Erica Schulz - Friday February 7, 2014
    When I was a sophomore in high school, some 15 years ago, I had met with a guidance counselor to discuss my career options after graduating. I wasn't asked what I wanted to be when I "grew up." I was asked: "Do you want to attend a college?"  I was then encouraged to sign up for applicable courses that would beef up my resume to ensure acceptance into a four-year university.  Already...
Elliot Maras

Professional Tool & Equipment News and Professional Distributor Editor Elliot Maras shares his insights on the tool and equipment industry.

  • Fuel economy rules drive alternative fuel vehicles; shops need to be ready

    By Elliot Maras - Wednesday February 5, 2014
    If you haven’t investigated repair concerns for electric hybrids and other alternative fuels, the clock is ticking. The market for alternative fuels remains small, but many shops have noticed that traditional maintenance and repair jobs are not increasing while the nation’s passenger vehicle fleet is adopting new technologies. Alternative fuel vehicles are growing and repair shops will be...
Craig Truglia

The best 0.1 hours of your life: Thoughts on tools, training, and auto repair from VehicleServicePros.com's Craig Truglia.

  • The old fashioned oil change is going "bye-bye"

    By Craig Truglia - Friday October 11, 2013
    When I first owned a repair shop, way back in October 2009, the automotive business was totally different. For one thing, we still fixed cars made in the 1990s, which is something I see almost never in New York now. Another thing was that the standard oil filters and oil we used were totally different. We still had Chrysler 300Ms that took 10W30 oil, and we almost never saw a cartridge oil...
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