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  • Rumors of 2013 Fords with electric problems

    By Craig Truglia - Friday January 4, 2013
    Just yesterday after we did a set of tires on a SUV in our repair shop, we took it to the Ford dealer to get an alignment. When the alignment was done, I went inside to grab the keys and pay for their work. There, I overheard a conversation between...
  • Stylists need a license -- auto techs don't!

    By Craig Truglia - Thursday December 27, 2012
    Before I started writing for PTEN I used to do work with TST , which deals with automotive training. I still receive emails from some of the members and today I received an interesting one from Ed Perry of Dolson Tire in Middletown, N.Y.: Hi Craig...
  • Snow is on the way; the "crazies" are coming!

    By Craig Truglia - Friday December 14, 2012
    We just had our first snow of the year. Most sane people might stay off the road, enjoy the sight, or if they really had to, drive between work and back. No detours! Yet, my shop is busy. One customer has a smell coming from his blower motor. He likes...
  • The going rate for tire service is not high enough

    By Craig Truglia - Monday December 10, 2012
    I don't run a tire shop, so pardon my ignorance about this topic. But I hate tires. Tires are hard to make money on. You see, there is a reptilian part of the human mind that just does not like paying for anything to do with tires. It goes "Me NEED tire...
  • Does my ratchet really need 120 teeth?

    By Craig Truglia - Monday November 12, 2012
    What I always liked about an expensive ratchet is how it felt in my hand and how quick it did the job. Pardon me for not being reflective enough on the matter, but it was not until fairly recently I appreciated exactly what separated a cheap ratchet...
  • What scan tool should I buy?

    By Craig Truglia - Thursday October 25, 2012
    Back in the day in the Wild West there used to be snake oil salesmen. They would peddle an oil, supposedly derived from some sort of Chinese eel, that would be a magical elixir that would cure any disease or ailment that someone may suffer from. Why did...
  • "Winter service" is coming

    By Craig Truglia - Tuesday October 23, 2012
    This blog might not apply to you if you live where it's nice all year, but for the rest of us that have four seasons, we're preparing for our last busy spurt of the season. No, we're not talking about a "Shocktober" promotion. It's the "pre-Christmas, get...
  • Are we in the age of Autologic?

    By Craig Truglia - Wednesday September 26, 2012
    One of the best things about owning a repair shop in a training facility is that I get to play around with many tools, including the one and only, Autologic. The Autologic is to scan tools as the Bugatti is to automobiles. It is probably my personal...