Want to create a great workplace?


For the most part, managers know what a great workplace is not, but do not understand what a great workplace is.

There are now some insights into this, thanks to research by Gallup which looked into defining a great workplace.

The research discovered there are 12 chief dimensions of great workplaces:

1. Workers know what is expected of them in their positions.

2. Workers have the materials, tools, equipment, etc., that they need to properly perform their work.

3. Workers are in positions to use their talents and strengths, plus have the opportunity to do what they do best.

4. Workers periodically receive recognition or praise for doing good work.

5. Workers believe that supervisors or someone at the company seem to care about them as people.

6. There is someone at work who encourages their development.

7. Workers believe their opinions seem to count and feel they are making contributions in their workplace.

8: The mission/purpose of their company makes them feel their job is important.

9. Workers identify with co-workers and feel co-workers are committed to doing quality work.

10. Workers feel they have quality relationships with others at their workplace.

11. Workers receive quality, individualized feedback from managers on a regular basis.

12. At least once a year, workers are given opportunities at work to learn and grow.

The research concluded that doing these things will help make workers more productive and more engaged.

Are you doing any them?