Is your state one of the top 10 for electric vehicles?

Been wondering what states have the highest sales of electric vehicles?

Well, there is now a way to find out, thanks to ChargePoint, the nation’s largest and most open electric vehicle charging station network.

The company recently released a list of the top 10 regions with the largest growth of electric vehicle sales.

The ranking is based on percentage of growth from the third and fourth quarters of 2013, and numbers were retrieved from states’ motor vehicle departments.

1. Atlanta (52 percent)

2. Washington D.C. (21 percent)

3. Portland (19.4 percent)

4. Los Angeles (19 percent)

5. Bay Area (18 percent)

6. San Diego (17 percent)

7. Chicago (16 percent)

8. Seattle (14.4 percent)

9. Miami (14 percent)

10. Detroit (13 percent)

So? How did your list compare?