A walk through a rich history of truck making

Last Friday I traveled to Allentown, Pa., to meet with Mack Trucks’ new president of sales and marketing for North America, Stephen Roy. The meeting took place at the Mack Customer Center.

This was my first time to the center, which celebrates the rich history of Mack Trucks. So, after the meeting, I wandered around the facility. It is a very interesting place.

It houses the Mack Heritage Center, which guides you through the 114-year history of the Mack. Did you know the company’s first successful vehicle in was a 24-hp, 13-passenger bus?

There is also the Mack Museum. It features historical documents, antique trucks and artifacts from Mack, including a 1918 AC model, one of 4,100 built for World War I.

Today’s Mack products are on display in the Product Showroom which houses a rotation of the company’s latest and greatest engineering achievements.

There is also a Performance Track where customers have an opportunity to get behind the wheel and test drive the latest Mack trucks over an oval course designed with banked turns and several hills with 12, 15 and 20 percent grades.

If you are ever in the area, I would suggest stopping by the center for a visit. It will be time well spent.