Is that cheese I smell?

When it comes to snow- and ice-fighting on roadways, the arsenal typically includes a host of de-icing chemicals and rock salt. Now, there is a new weapon, and cows have a hand in its development.

Under a pilot program, Milwaukee, Wis.’ Department of Public Works is testing whether cheese brine mixed with rock salt is effective at thawing out snow and ice on roadways.

Cheese brine is a liquid waste product left over from cheesemaking. Wisconsin produced more cheese than any other state in the nation last year.

It seems provolone or mozzarella cheeses are best suited for the de-icing job as they have a relatively high salt content.

I know what you asking yourself: “Do cheese brine sprayed roads smell like cheese?”

Reports are that there is a distinctive odor - a smell of whey. Whey is the liquid material created as a by-product of cheese production.

What I want to know is who thinks up such things and what will be the next big idea for road de-icing and anti-icing?