Arctic chill sharpens need for MACS training in New Orleans

If you needed a reminder to go to the MACS training event and trade show in New Orleans next week, this week’s frigid weather has probably put your shop’s heating and air conditioning knowledge to the test. Record breaking temperatures have gripped much of the country, reminding millions of motorists to keep their heating and cooling systems in good operating condition.

By next week, most of the country will get some relief from the freezing temperatures. So if you’re worried that a respite to a normally warm New Orleans won’t be waiting for you, fear not. The Big Easy is expected to return to normal mid-sixties temperatures for MACS.

The MACS staff, for its part, did not need the freezing temperatures to prepare an outstanding training schedule this year. Cognizant of changing vehicle technology, new government mandates and a host of new air conditioning equipment, MACS has prepared four days of intensive training Wednesday through Saturday, Jan. 15 to 18.

Take a look at the program and you can see how much air conditioning technology is changing. If your shop provides A/C service, you already know A/C systems last longer than ever. You need to know that new systems, such as those in electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and vehicles that use the new R-1234yf refrigerant, require some new considerations for service and repair. Success with today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles require a technician’s understanding of electronic controls and networks, their interaction with heating and cooling systems, and a host of new tools to troubleshoot them.

Next week’s MACS program has every aspect of current and new A/C systems covered in full.

Some major automakers are already using the new R-1234yf refrigerant, and more than one session in New Orleans will address how its service and equipment procedures differ from other refrigerants. One seminar specifically addresses hose design and compatibility for servicing R-1234yf, since A/C system hoses must meet new refrigerant loss standards.

During the Friday trade show, a series of manufacturers will demonstrate refrigerant recovery machines in a separate room at the New Orleans Sheraton.

Sessions will also address new business opportunities for shops that may not have considered segments such as the motor coach or school bus markets.

Roy Gage, owner/operator of Roy’s Auto Inc., a seven-bay shop in Estherville, Iowa., will give the Thursday keynote luncheon address.

Saturday morning features a shop owner panel luncheon to discuss anything and everything a shop encounters on a daily basis.

These are just some of the highlights of next week’s MACS training event and trade show. The organizers have worked hard to schedule classes and activities in a way that allows attendees to absorb a heck of a lot of knowledge in four days.