What is that behind the wheel?

There are those that say alien life forms have visited our planet throughout history. Others believe that aliens live among us.

However, such assertions are difficult to prove. Most UFO and alien sightings can be easily dismissed as hoaxes or misunderstandings.

But what about when you spot one, like I did? Not only does it scare the bejeepers out of you, it instantly makes you a believer.

I was pulling into a spot on a grocery store parking lot and saw an alien behind the wheel of the car on my left. (See the accompanying photo.)

I was so startled that I immediately pulled out of the parking space.

Calming myself, I decided that couldn’t be possible.

I drove around and slowly pulled alongside the car to have another look-see.

Upon closer and more composed examination, I saw that it was not an actual alien but instead a realistic car window vinyl decal sticker.

I can only imagine the fun the owner of this car has with his vehicle-driving alien.