Scan tool webinar: straight answers to technicians’ questions

If you’ve been on the fence about investing in scan tools, this week’s webinar, “Learn What Scan Tool Is Right For Your Shop” presented by VehicleServicePros is a must. The hour-long webinar can be downloaded on the VehicleServicePros website.

Launch Tech USA’s Harlan Siegel and Bosch Automotive Service Solutions (OTC)’s Ed Lipscomb answered questions about scan tools from a panel of experienced automotive technicians and shop owners. They addressed questions such as:

  • Can one tool handle the majority of vehicle models?
  • How can a buyer know what a tool won’t do before making a purchase?
  • What are the considerations for OE versus generic aftermarket versus enhanced aftermarket scan tools?
  • Is there a way to reduce costs for tools used only occasionally?
  • Can scan tools integrate smoothly with repair information sources?
  • How long will the manufacturer support their products?
  • How does a shop manage the use of scan tools in the shop?
  • Should the shop assume full responsibility for providing scan tools to techs?
  • How often are updates needed?
  • What tool-specific training is available?

VehicleServicePros organized this roundtable webinar to help technicians and shop owners with purchasing scan tools, which are one of the biggest capital outlays they face. Scan tools are offering more innovations, as witnessed at this month’s AAPEX and SEMA shows.

During this roundtable discussion, Siegel and Lipscomb gave direct answers to technicians’ questions. There was no sugarcoating the challenges that technicians face investing in scan tools. After the webinar, some of the technician panelists commented they were impressed by the manufacturers’ honesty. The roundtable provided answers to technicians’ questions; the manufacturers did not use the webinar to promote their products.

During the webinar, the technicians also explained how they determine which tools to buy. They discussed the importance of quantifying return on investment.

One take away from this discussion is that technicians and shop owners can get straight answers from manufacturers about scan tools. Experienced manufacturers recognize the issues their customers face and are willing to spend time helping them make the best decision.

The discussion also drove home the point that technology continues to evolve and technicians and shops need to keep on top of what’s being introduced. As technology evolves, the manufacturers expect costs to move in the right direction from the customer’s standpoint.

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