Zippy and quiet

I recently got a chance to drive Cummins' new ISV5.0 5.0L V8 diesel engine for medium duty commercial vehicles through Class 5.

The global engine, set for production in the last quarter of 2014, will be offered in four horsepower ratings - 200 to 275 - with a peak torque of 560 ft-lbs at 1,600 rpm.

Available for driving were a:

  • 31,000-lb GVW (gross vehicle weight) school bus.
  • 23,500-lb GVW Class motorhome.
  • 19,000-lb GVW sport truck.
  • 14,360-lb GVW walk in-in van.

All vehicles, which had automated transmissions, were loaded.

Cummins officials told me the new ISV5.0, which is the commercial version of the Cummins V8 turbocharged diesel engine developed for the 2015 Nissan Titan pickup, is "ideal suited" for these types of applications.

Noticeable qualities

The first thing I noticed was the lack of noise of the new Cummins diesel. It was considerably quieter than a comparable diesel. There also seemed to be less vibration.

I was also impressed by the throttle response. Even loaded, the vehicles were zippy at start-up when I pushed the accelerator to the floor.

These "qualities," as well as good fuel economy, were design goals of the ISV5.0, I was informed.

All around, it was an enjoyable engine to drive.

Engine production

The Cummins ISV5.0 5-liter V8 will be built within the Cummins Engine Plant in Columbus, Ind., on a new, dedicated production line that is currently undergoing shake-down type trials.

Originally built in 1926 around the home of the founder of Cummins, Clessie Cummins, the plant has been expanded nearly 30 times.

It has 1.4 million sq ft of manufacturing space under roof on 32 acres.

Product lineup

I also learned from Cummins officials that the company has the broadest engine product line - from 2.8 to 120L and 50 to 5,000 hp, in diesel, natural gas and dual fuel.

It serves more than 1,200 OEMs worldwide and produces around 1 million engines annually.