Transportation has its own most wanted list


Don’t know if you caught the National Transportation Safety Board’s 2013 Most Wanted List. Issued each year, it is the independent federal safety agency’s top advocacy priorities and covers all transportation modes.

For this year, six of the 10 issues on the list focused on highway travel where most transportation fatalities take place and calls for ending distraction. A new issue area for this annual list, this priority was not just in driving, but in all transportation modes.

The other new issue areas on the 2013 list were: fire safety, infrastructure integrity, pipeline safety, positive train control and motor vehicle collision avoidance technologies.


Here is this year’s list:

- Improve safety of airport surface operations.

- Preserve the integrity of transportation infrastructure.

- Enhance pipeline safety.

- Implement Positive Train Control systems.

- Eliminate substance-impaired driving.

- Improve the safety of bus operations.

- Eliminate distraction in transportation.

- Improve fire safety in transportation.

- Improve general aviation safety.

- Mandate motor vehicle collision avoidance technologies.



The safety priorities on the last year’s list were:

- Promote pilot and air traffic controller professionalism.

- Address human fatigue.

- Promote teen driving safety.

- Improve general aviation safety.

- Improve motorcycle safety.

- Require safety management systems.

- Improve runway safety.

- Address alcohol-impaired driving..

- Improve bus occupant safety.

- Require image and onboard data recorders.