Unwanted help behind the wheel

Seems there's a survey on just about everything.

For example, one survey found that couples who marry in January, February and March tend to have the highest divorce rates.

Another determined that two out of three people sleep on their sides, and they're about equally divided as to which side.

About 40 percent of the U.S. population has never visited a dentist, a study found.

A poll found that about one in four American workers, if they could do so, would fire their boss.

Now, a recent study by Insurance.com (www.insurance.com) has rated backseat drivers.

According to the Worst Backseat Drivers (www.insurance.com/auto-insurance/safety/worst-backseat-drivers.html), spouses are the most annoying backseat drivers. Imagine that.

The survey also looked at the most annoying things passengers do. The top offense, by an 18-point margin (47 percent), was "driving speed." "Gives directions" (29 percent ) was next, then "talks too much" (19 percent).

Survey respondents were able to write in the worst passenger behaviors not listed. Their gripes make for some interesting reading.

One of comment I found noteworthy was this from a gracious gentleman who wrote: "My wife has helped me avoid many an accident by paying attention to the road."