Where did I put my cell phone?

Here's a statistic I found startling: Every minute in the U.S., 113 smartphones are stolen or lost.

That is according to research from Protect Your Bubble, an insurance company that, among other things, covers smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Along with the cost of replacing a missing smartphone comes the loss of important data and information. That includes such things business transactions, contact lists, account information, e-mails, business documents and so on.

Plus, there is that sense of devastation that comes about because there are a number of people who have become very dependent on the information stored in their mobile devices. Add to that the worry about whether or not the data in these devices has been compromised.

Top 10 cities for smartphone theft

Protect Your Bubble compiled a list of the worst U.S. cities for smartphone theft. They are:

1. Philadelphia, Penn.

2. Seattle, Wash.

3. Oakland, Calif.

4. Long Beach, Calif.

5. Newark, N.J.

6. Detroit, M.I.

7. Cleveland, Ohio

8. Baltimore, M.D.

9. New York, N.Y.

10. Boston, M.A.

The company's study found the most common places to lose cell phone were fast food restaurants, drug stores, grocery stores, coffee shops and the office.

Consider yourself warned.