Wrench bragging rights

Technicians enjoy talking about their toolboxes and the amount and diversity of tools they have.

Inevitably, such discussions turn into contests to see who has the largest toolbox or the largest collection of tools.

Now, there could be a new contest, thanks to Channellock, which has introduced its largest, most powerful wrench: the Channellock 30" 830 Adjustable Wrench.

Established 127 years ago, Channellock is a worldwide leader in manufacturing high-quality pliers and hand tools.

The new "big boy" Channellock 830 wrench, which complements the company's existing adjustable wrench line, is a full 6" longer than the previous offering and has as a jaw capacity up to 3".

The 830 is 1.5" thick, 6.3" wide and has a 12-lb steel structure. Needless to say, with its massive frame, the 830 provides added power and leverage.

Being forged from Chrome Vanadium Steel for superior durability and performance, the 830 "is capable of handling the biggest and most demanding jobs in any industry," says the company.

I can hear the boasting between technicians: "You think that tool is big? Let me show you mine."