Technical jargon keeps on growing


One of the many things I enjoy about attending trade shows is learning about new and evolving technology.

To be sure, trucks and equipment are getting smarter. Servicing and driving vehicles is getting easier thanks to technology.

Another certainty is that along with the evolution of new technology comes new jargon. Our vocabulary now includes such things as ROM (read only memory), CDMA (code division multiple access), LED (Light Emitting Diode), SMT (surface mounted technology), ITS (Intelligent Transportation systems), ECM (electronic control module), DCE (data circuit terminating equipment) and RTS (request to send).

While at the recent Mid-America Trucking Show, I heard a piece of technical jargon for the very first time: PEBCAK.

Are you familiar with the term?

Created by technical types, it stands for: problem exists between chair and keyboard.

Have any interesting automotive terminology you’d care to share?

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