Getting the most from your fleet's performance

If you manage a fleet of trucks, you know how important everyday performance is to your bottom line. How you treat your vehicles has a direct impact on how efficiently they function, how often they require repairs and, ultimately, how long they last. Be sure that you are taking all the correct operational measures and necessary maintenance steps to get the most from your fleet. Find out if the fuel, lubricant and additive solutions that you use are best suited for the demands of your business. These aspects of fleet management may be the key to making the following operational improvements:

Better Fuel Efficiency

Poorly chosen or poorly maintained engine oil may be costing you a fortune in fuel. Inferior or infrequently changed lubricants produce sludge in your engine. As this buildup creates friction and impedes optimal engine function, your trucks burn through more oil and fuel. Driver Side recommends that you check your oil every few hundred miles to determine whether filling, changing or even a switch of lubricant types might be necessary. This level of attentiveness not only lengthens the amount of time between necessary oil changes, but it should also lengthen the amount of time between visits to the fueling station.

Reduced Need For Repairs

According to Auto Service Professional, a poorly selected engine oil has the potential to impair your vehicle’s drivability and lead to ongoing and long-term engine damage. With a well-matched lubricant, your vehicle avoids overheating in hot weather and reaches optimal running temperature faster in the winter, reducing the likelihood of engine damage due to extreme temperatures. By contrast, if your engine lubricant is depriving your trucks of additives critical to their specific performance needs, you may be causing damage to your engine every time you drive. When you choose the right lubricants for your fleet, you’ll keep more of your trucks on the road and out of the repair shop.

Longer Engine Life

One of the best ways to extend the life of your engine is to ensure that you are using the right lubricants and additives. Compatibility is an important feature in determining how well your engine oils optimize your vehicle’s performance. Innovations are made everyday in refining blends or synthetic lubricants designed to meet your fleet’s exact specifications and working conditions. Taking advantage of these innovations may help to reduce the day-to-day strain placed on your engines. According to Driver Side, the engine that works harder has a shorter life expectancy. Selecting oils and additives that are customized for your needs may substantially extend the life of your engine.

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