Does your operation need GPS fleet tracking software?

For companies that are expanding or looking for a way to keep better track of their vehicles on a day-to-day basis, GPS fleet tracking software can help. But, before you decide to make the investment, it is wise to look at the pros and cons that come from such software, as well as what to look for in a software solution.

Reasons for considering a GPS software solution for tracking company vehicles will vary, as will the potential benefits, but the overall benefit is saving time and money.

Some businesses have found they can receive discounted insurance rates when using GPS software. Compare commercial vehicle insurance plans to see whether or not you can get a discount by using fleet tracking software.

Tracking fleet vehicles with GPS easily prevents excessive idling, speeding and personal vehicle use. It can also help to improve routing. One study by the Aberdeen Group found that the average fleet can reduce fuel costs by 13 percent when using fleet tracking software.

That same study also found that companies see a 25 percent increase in work orders completed after implementing GPS tracking systems and were able to add more jobs and projects to each work day.



While many businesses find they are able to cut costs by investing in a fleet software solution, some have found it is too expensive of an upfront investment and they don’t have the budget. Other businesses experience worker resentment when they install a vehicle tracking system as drivers may feel their privacy is being invaded, especially when they have permission to use the vehicle for personal use.

Becoming too dependent on the software can pose a problem in the event the software system goes down. Workers may not know how to proceed with certain reports, and the business could lose some of its efficiency.



GPS fleet tracking software, as with most things in business, has both benefits and pitfalls. When determining whether or not it is something your business needs, evaluate the investment required for the system you require.

Keep in mind that this type of software requires a large upfront investment, though it often means savings for your business in the long-term. Take into account the potential positives and negatives that come with fleet tracking software before you make a decision.

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