How to share the road with snowplows


Sharing the road with a snowplow can create some special challenges, along with the need for extra caution.

Here are some tips from traffics safety professionals for helping you stay safe.

- Be visible. Keep your headlights on at all times when traveling in snow and inclement weather.

- Don’t follow snowplows too closely.

Driving conditions behind a snowplow are better than conditions ahead of it. What’s more, snowplow operators stop, turn, back up or exit frequently, and often with little warning. You may not be able to stop in time on a slippery roadway.

- Watch for flying material.

Keep an adequate following distance so your vehicle doesn’t get pelted and damaged by any flying sanding materials, snow, ice or debris.

- Never pass a snowplow.

Snowplows create dangerous clouds of blowing snow that may create “whiteout” conditions, concealing the road and driving hazards. There could be various debris in the clouds kicked up from the plowing.

- Never drive between snowplows.

Teams of snowplows are used to clear the roadway faster and safer. Trying to drive between them greatly increases the chances of an accident.

- Yield to snowplows.

Be courteous and give snowplows the right of way.

When on a two-lane road with a snowplow approaching in the oncoming lane, continue on at a safe speed but move as far to the right as a possible to keep well clear of the blade.