Ever been through a retread tire plant?


Seems everyone has an opinion about retreaded tires. I do, and mine comes from my time working in the tire industry and from using retreads on trucks I have owned.

I'll just say this: Retreaded tires have improved considerably from what there were years ago.

But don't take my word for it. You can see for yourself.

The Retread Tire Association (RTA) is offering, at no cost, a DVD titled, Reputable Retreading. It contains a tour of a modern truck tire retread plant in which viewers see what is involved in the retread process.

RTA is a member-owned, non-profit international organization whose mission is to promote the environmental and economic benefits of top quality retreading and proper tire repairing.

The tour starts at the very beginning of the retread process and goes through to the finished retread, ready for another life in full service.

The tour features the thorough initial inspection, including the use of Shearography - an optical non-destructive testing method that provides information on under the surface of materials. With Shearography, tire inspectors can see through the rubber to be certain the tire is suitable for another life.

Also covered in the DVD is a look at what goes into making any necessary repairs to the tire casing prior to the retread process, the environmental and economic benefits retreading provides and much more.

To get a free copy of Reputable Retreading, which is approximately 14 minutes in length, send an e-mail to info@reteadtire.org, and include your title and company, complete mailing address and telephone number.

If you would like to physically tour a retread tire plant in your area, contact the RTA by telephone at 831-646-5269 or by e-mail.