How does a fleet get the most life out of its tires?


Tires are the number one maintenance cost for truck fleets.

It is well known that maintaining proper tire pressure, observing tire and vehicle load limits, avoiding road hazards and inspecting tires for cuts, slashes and other irregularities are the most important measures to take to avoid tire failure.

Drivers play an important part in proper tire maintenance, yet all too often they do keep attention to it.

Do you know why?

In a presentation to this year’s Annual Fleet Technologies Event, hosted by Meritor and Pressure Systems International (PSI), PSI executive vice president Frank Sonzala noted these reasons:

- Lack of driver attention 58 percent.

- Drivers don’t think it’s their job 52 percent.

- Lack of driver motivation 42 percent.

- Unavailability of tractors and trailers 40 percent.

- Lack of driver education 32 percent.

He also provided some others reasons for improper inflation pressure:

- Takes too long to check.

- It’s a dirty task.

- Inside duals difficult to reach.

- Inflation gauges are inaccurate.

- Lose valve caps after pressure checks.

- Valve cores stick in the cold and lose air.

I invite you to add to the two lists?