A behind the scenes look


I had the opportunity to participate in the Annual Fleet Technologies Event hosted by Meritor and Pressure Systems International (PSI) and held in San Antonio, TX.

The two companies are involved the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI - an automatic tire inflation system that is designed to take the worry out of tire maintenance.

At this year’s event, fleets were educated on the critical importance of keeping tires properly pressurized, how tires and tire maintenance is a key focus of the FMCSA’s CSA safety initiative and product developments being worked on by PSI.

In addition, attendees got a behind-the-scenes look at how MTIS by PSI is manufactured in the company’s San Antonio facility.


Tire life

An automatic system with constant air pressure available when needed, MTIS by PSI adds life to tires by reducing irregular wear, increases fuel efficiency and safety, maximizes recap potential and keeps trailers on the road, Frank Sonzala, PSI’s executive vice president told me.

The system is a simple design that can be installed on virtually any type of trailer.

ThermALERT is an option for MTIS by PSI that alerts drivers of excessive wheel end heat, he added, which helps avoid trailer fires or wheel end damage.

MTIS by PSI can be spec’d on new trailers and cab be retrofitted.

Sonzala said PSI invented automatic tire inflation 18 years ago and is now a world leader. In 1999, the company partnered Meritor to help it market and sell its products throughout North America.

PSI has opened markets in some 40 countries and is currently exporting to China, Europe, South America, Africa and Australia.


Four cornerstones

In addressing the Annual Fleet Technologies Event, PSI president and CEO Tim Musgrave noted that “our employees make this company successful,” and said their hard work and dedication has led to a warranty rate of less than one half of one percent.

The company was founded on four cornerstone principles and “that has created a culture and permeates everything we do,” he said. The four principles are: “Attitude is Everything,” “Never Give Up,” “Dare to Soar” and “Whatever it Takes.”

Each employee carries a coin with them highlighting one of the cornerstones that best represents them.



Having a chance to tour the PSI manufacturing facility, I must say it was impressive. The production lines, manned by about 50 people, produce some 600 to 800 MTIS by PSI units per day on one shift.

It is all hand work. There is no automation. Quality checks are constant.

PSI is working to achieve ISO 9000 certification. This is done by meeting a family of standards representing an international consensus on good quality management practices.