The most expensive type of commercial vehicle crash

I was visiting with officials from Meritor WABCO the other day and the topic of conversation turned to vehicles rollover.

They informed me of some interesting rollover statistics.

Thought I’d share some of them with you:

- Some 13,000 rollovers occur on an annual basis.

- Rollover accidents are among the costliest because a typical rollover crash can easily total the entire truck, trailer and load.

- Average rollover costs $85,000 up to and exceeding $250,000.

- Rollover accidents are the most deadly type of crash for commercial drivers. Single vehicle rollover crashes claim more professional driver lives than any other type of accident.

The Meritor WABCO officials said there are at least three factors that make rollovers one of the most dangerous of all types of crashes: cost, high level of fatalities and high level of exposure to the risk.

They said rollovers can be categorized as a result of the following situations:

- Excessive speed around ramps/curves in the highway.

- Swerving to avoid obstacles.

- Inattention.

- Fatigue.

- Turning too sharply.