Where do you find technicians?

One organization has created an effective method

Here they are exposed to hands-on projects and classroom activities. They are also provided with information on career paths, entry level pay and skills associated with jobs within the occupation and local and national occupational demand trends.

Beyond that, students are exposed to various work environments, job safety requirements, educational requirements and other vital information to aid the student with making an informed decision on career choice.

The Career Exploration program helps high school students understand that fields like diesel technology are nothing like they were years ago, Wright said. The jobs themselves are much different, and so are the career opportunities.

Rush Truck Centers and St. Philip’s College established the opportunity for students to attend the Rush Truck Centers Tech Skills Rodeo in 2009 when the company chose to hold the event in San Antonio.

One payoff from the industry-college connection has been employment of Diesel Technology program graduates at Rush Truck Centers, noted O’Brien.

Clearly, there are a number of benefits to collaborating with votech and trade schools.

Now might be a good time to get involved, or become more actively involved, with such schools. Doing so just might make it easier for you to find technicians in the future.