A good excuse

There are certain people that always seem to have all the answers, no matter the question.   A case in point is my good friend Willis.   Following a long day at a recent industry convention, he and I met up with a few others to share some conversation over a late dinner and adult beverages. It turned into a fun, but long, evening.   The next morning, when met I up with Willis at the show, he told me he’d been pulled over by the police after leaving the restaurant.   “I got lost on the way home from that new restaurant,” he explained. “I figure the officer must have been concerned about my erratic driving so he pulled me over.   “Did you talk yourself out of yet another ticket?” I asked Willis. He has a knack for such things.   “Sure did,” he shot back. “The cop stuck his head in my window and asked me where I was going. I told him I was on my way to listen to a lecture about the effects of alcohol on the human body.”   “I can’t wait to hear what the cop had to say to that,” I said to Willis.   “The cop asked me: ‘And at this time of night, who exactly will be giving a lecture?’”   “Good question,” I said. “What did you tell him?”   “My wife,” Willis smiled.