A racing Fleet Maintenance finally goes

After a disappointing showing at Fleet Maintenance’s inaugural pinewood derby race in January at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW) in Las Vegas, our 18-wheeled race finally took to the track. (See Kolman’s Korner, January 24, 2011, “Fleet Maintenance went racing.”)   This momentous occasion took place at PTDC (Professional Technician Development Committee) Pinewood Big Rig Challenge. This competition was held during the recent Technology & Maintenance Council’s Annual Fall Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition held in Tampa, FL.   After HDAW, leader of Fleet Maintenance’s racing team and designer of our tractor trailer race truck, national accounts manager, Joel “No Worries” Franke, had taken the rig back into his secret workshop. There, he modified the racer so that it would fit onto the track and have the opportunity to compete.   While Fleet Maintenance’s did not win the PTDC Pinewood Big Rig Challenge, our race truck finished a close second in its heap.   Marmon Highway Technologies’ MHT - Ideas in Motion racer, “piloted” by Dan Rosen, earned first place in the PTDC Pinewood Big Rig as the fastest truck.   In second place was BorgWarner Thermal Systems’ The BorgWarner Flyer, Rich Harrold, “driver.” Bendix’s The Flying Wingman, “operated” by Thomas Legeza and Thomas Weed came in third.   Recognized as the Best Appearing Truck was Marmon Highway Technologies’ MHT - Ideas in Motion racer.   Consolidated Metco’s ConMet Streamliner, Roger Maye, driver, took second place; Bendix’s The Flying Wingman, third place.   “I’m happy with how we did,” said “No Worries” Franke. “After watching the race and talking with the other racers, I’ve come up with some new ideas for speeding up the Fleet Maintenance race truck. It’s back to the workshop for further modifications. “Mark my words. We’ll do better next time.”