Nebraska SuperTech, Day Zero!

Our guest blogger, Amanda Schuier, can't blog for us this week, because today, July 8th, is the day of the Nebraska State Maintenance Council's first annual SuperTech technician skills competition. I couldn't be happier or more proud of what Amanda has been able to accomplish in only a few short months' time. Well, I could be happier if I was in Hastings, NE, today to see the competition myself, but that wasn't in the cards this year... Be that as it may, the fleet maintenance industry in Nebraska has reason to be excited, as they crown their first ever best technician in the state, and then prepare to send him or her to Raleigh, NC, in September, to compete in TMC's national SuperTech2009. Watch Amanda's guest blog next week as she gives us a wrap-up of the big event, and shares her thoughts on how other states can organize their own competition. Congratulations, Amanda, and all your SuperTech competitors and winners!