Making Your Job Easier

Today we're introducing a new feature on our website: a new, vastly improved Fleet Maintenance Product Guide to help you make more informed purchases for your fleet. Now you can find information on hundreds of companies that cater to the needs of fleet maintenance managers, as well as thousands of products and services that will make your life a lot easier. We've organized the new Product Guide in a way that we think will make it a breeze to use; you can search for products by specific category, brand name or manufacturer, browse products from all categories alphabetically, or take a peek at the latest products added to the database (we're adding new ones all the time). We hope that you'll be a regular visitor to the new Product Guide. To see what all the excitement is about, simply click on the Product Guide tab above, and you're on your way! And if your technicians are in the market for new tools, be sure to check out the Product Guide hosted by our sister publication, Professional Tool & Equipment News, at A little further to the right on your screen you'll find the FMX Library tab, where we've also made a new addition. Our friends at Vehicle Inspection Systems have written a piece that will help you get your drivers prepared for this summer's Road Check event--you won't want to miss it!