Open for Business

Nebraska SuperTech is now accepting competitors!  And, not only are we accepting registrations, we already have a few people signed up. This is quite a relief to everyone in the SuperTech Steering Committee.  It’s nice to finally see all of our work coming to fruition. Of course, there have been hiccups along the way. But one of the things the STSC has done really well is come together to work through the hiccups. I think that’s the key for any of you who are trying to plan a competition- get a great group of volunteers who are committed to the cause to get together to help. Make sure to have people from many different backgrounds if you can, because that will make your group that much more knowledgeable.  Back to the registration process. It’s not that we didn’t think we could get people signed up; it’s just a great confirmation that technicians in Nebraska are excited about the chance to represent the state at the national competition. Imagine the bragging rights- being able to say you were Nebraska’s first-ever SuperTech grand champion! That’s a pretty big deal. For those of you out there who live in Nebraska and want to enter SuperTech, go here!