Fleet Management Certification

The other day I got an interesting press release entitled: "Rocky Mountain Fleet Management Association® Endorses CAFM, CAFS Programs." The news was of interest because we here at Fleet Maintenance actively support state and regional fleet maintenance groups like the Rocky Mountain Fleet Management Association (RMFMA), and because we are big fans of the CAFM and CAFS programs offered by the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA). I was happy to see the headline because it made me think that someday every fleet maintenance council in the country may recognize these programs as the standard for fleet management education and certification, and I think this industry needs that. We have a lot of great organizations in this industry that offer some valuable training and certification programs for fleet maintenance professionals, but to my knowledge only NAFA offers the only certification that focuses on management skills. What's more, they have two programs: one, CAFM, for managers who want to enhance their skills, and another CAFS, for technicians who aspire to become managers. Although there are only 225 graduates of the program, there are at present 500 fleet professionals doing the coursework, and there's no reason why those numbers shouldn't be growing. I encourage you to read the press release archived here on the fleetmag.com website, and go to www.nafa.org to learn more. It could be the best professional move you make all year.