The Best of the Best

One of the great successes we’ve had throughout the state of Nebraska is the willingness of many different people to get involved with SuperTech on many different levels. This week, I wanted to touch on what Nebraska fleets and dealers are doing to get involved. Several companies have already started the process to get an internal company competition started. I believe a few of them will have a competition running by next year.  This year, Omaha Truck Center, the dealership group I work for, will be hosting its first ever UltimateTech competition in mid-April. I recently had the pleasure of traveling to all of our dealership locations to talk about SuperTech, and about our desire to start our own company competition. With the help of our service managers, I am pleased to report that OTC will have over 100 people competing in its inaugural UltimateTech event. My goal of getting 50 technicians was far surpassed, as soon as the technicians realized what a great event UltimateTech is going to be. We plan to send some of our top performers to the state SuperTech competition.  I believe this model is the way to go as more states begin to have competitions. Why not encourage local fleets and dealers to have internal competitions and send the “best of the best” to the state competition? This makes winning at the state level that much more exciting.  Try bringing up having a SuperTech competition within your fleet or dealership and see what kind of response you get. If it’s anything like what’s happened in Nebraska, you may soon find yourself planning your own competition!