Not All Fun and Games

I have promised many of you that the blog I deliver is “uncensored.” So, in keeping with the theme of full disclosure, I want to acknowledge that sometimes planning a SuperTech competition isn’t all fun and games.  One day, you may not get a sponsor lined up. Another day, you may not see things the same way as your fellow committee members. And, there may be a rare day when you think if you hear the words “SuperTech” one more time, you’re going to need to plan an escape route. But when all of these things happen, it’s important to remember why we wanted to be involved with SuperTech: it is a truly important event that will recognize and reward our technicians for what they do best.  If I’m feeling worried or overwhelmed, I try picturing the dealership I work for without any technicians in the shop. Can you imagine? Now that is truly a scary thought.  So my challenge to you is that when you are feeling overwhelmed or worried about your SuperTech planning, remember your technicians and the hard work they do for your company every day. Keep working hard for them!