See You in Florida!

This will be my last blog before I will see many of you down in sunny Florida. I can’t wait to catch up with a lot of you face-to-face and expand my growing network within the trucking industry.  The editor of Fleet Maintenance, Mark O’Connell, recently blogged about networking. He said, “…but the first thing it suggests to me is that most of our readers are not interested in professional networking.”  From the perspective of both a reader and a person who is trying to plan her state’s first-ever SuperTech event, I’m going to disagree with Mark and say that at least one reader is interested in networking.  Professional networking is part of the reason SuperTech will make its debut in Nebraska. I can’t imagine trying to plan this event without the many contacts I’ve made in a short amount of time.  A large part of the reason I am going to the Technology and Maintenance Council’s annual meeting is to further enhance my networking. I can’t wait to swap stories with you all, and tell you more about the awesome things we have planned for SuperTech in Nebraska. See you next week!