Slightly Off-Course

Since all of the SuperTech Steering Committee members work full-time in our day jobs, SuperTech is really a labor of love. With the holidays and a busy year-end, our SuperTech planning has been on the back burner. But now that registration is only four months away, it’s time to get serious.  This past week, we held a very important STSC meeting to finalize some of the major details. We were able to select our sponsorship levels. We started pulling together equipment lists and have already had a few companies step up to help with equipment, judging and sponsorships. I would be neglectful if I didn’t mention the support we have received from the Arkansas Trucking Association. Major thanks go out to Sarah Sheets, director of operations for the ATA, along with Carl Tapp of P.A.M. Transport. These two have been instrumental in helping us out with score sheets and ideas for registration. Both went above and beyond to help us, and we Nebraskans appreciate it.  This next month is going to be a huge month for us promotion-wise. Not only will the blogs be featured in Fleet Maintenance magazine, but we will also be doing an article in the Nebraska Trucker magazine. We plan to use that publicity to start approaching our state trucking association’s members to help with sponsors and judging.  So, like anything that goes slightly off course, you make adjustments and pick up the pace. That’s what we did this week, and I am quite pleased with our successes!