Selling Isn't Just for Girl Scouts

I’ve never sold anything in my life. Except a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the fourth grade. However, I have morphed into a salesperson role since September, after I witnessed the SuperTech competition for the first time.  What am I selling? Not a brand new truck or service to keep the truck on the road. I’m selling SuperTech.  Every industry meeting I attend, I make it a point to wear my 2008 SuperTech pin. I make it a point to bring up SuperTech in conversations. I hand out flyers. I tell people to tell their friends, or other service managers. People seek me out at meetings and ask questions about SuperTech.  Just this last week, I was able to present about the Nebraska SuperTech competition to the Metropolitan Community College Diesel Advisory Council, as well as to the managers of my own company, Omaha Truck Center, Inc. The reception I received from both groups was fantastic. Everyone wanted to know how they could be a part of it. I think the consensus throughout the state of Nebraska is that this is an industry-leading competition that makes sense for Nebraska businesses to compete in.  So although some people think it’s silly I wear my SuperTech pin everywhere, I’m happy to do it. It’s easy to be a salesperson when it’s something you’re truly passionate about.