State Technician Championships

All it takes is one person to start a state fleet technician championship, and in the great State of Nebraska, that person is Amanda Schuier (pronouced "shoo-er"), from Omaha Truck Center, a Freightliner dealership. Schuier contacted us last month for advice and assistance in launching a statewide truck technician competition, after having been referred to us by Bonne Karim, training manager for the U.S. Postal Service. We here at Fleet Maintenance have put a lot of work into promoting the efforts of state maintenance councils, so we were quite honored both by Karim's recommendation and by Schuier's contact. When I first talked with Schuier on the phone, I was bowled over by her enthusiasm for this project: "This is my passion!" she told me when I asked her how she had gotten the assignment, and it's easy to tell how true that is. Soon, Fleet Maintenance readers will be able to see that passion for themselves, because in a few weeks Schuier will be blogging about her experiences launching the first ever Nebraska State Technician Competition right here at Naturally, we're thrilled to have this special feature added to our site, and we hope you'll tune in for Schuier's regular reports. If you're a fleet maintenance manager in Nebraska, you'll want to keep tabs on the latest developments, so you can be sure to enter your top techs in the competition when the time comes. If you're involved in starting a new technician competition in your state, or operating an existing state competition, you'll want to compare Schuier's strategies to your own. And if you just love anything to with technicians competing with each other, you'll have a good time reading about Schuier's adventures! In the meantime, to learn more about the Nebraska competition, contact Schuier at (402) 951-3370, or contact Michelle Drahota of the Nebraska Trucking Association at (402) 476-8504.