Recognize the best in the industry with the annual Mobile Distributor of the Year program

Day in and day out, a successful mobile distributor strives to make his (or her) business better. This doesn't happen overnight. It takes years of experience to understand and deliver the right product and service to customers. It means reaching and exceeding personal sales and collections goals. It involves gathering product knowledge and effective sales strategies to improve the bottom line. It can also focus on giving back to the community.

Each year, we encourage distributors like you, as well as your peers and customers, to consider someone in the industry that does an exceptional job at all of these things. 

Anyone can submit a nomination for the 2015 Mobile Distributor of the Year -- a district manager, a company representative, a family member, a community organizer, an exceptional customer. Distributors can even nominate one another. Or, nominate yourself. 

The individual who nominates should be able to provide details on success for the nominee in the following areas: 

Attitude and personality. Does your nominee enjoy his job? Can you tell by how he presents himself on the truck and how he interacts with customers? A positive attitude can go a long way to help in other areas of the business. 

Appearance. This means how the distributor presents both himself and the truck. Is the truck fully stocked, neatly organized and always clean? Does the distributor present himself professionally to customers and others in the industry?

Involvement in the industry. Does the distributor attend training seminars or industry trade shows? Does he work with manufacturers to provide training for customers? With a successful business, it's important to utilize all resources available. How does your nominee do that?

Market and sales innovations. Does this successful distributor use video demonstrations on the truck? Does he have a "Wall of Fame" to show off customer toolboxes he's sold? (By the way, if you're looking for your own tips on tool storage and accessories, turn to page xx.)

Business performance. This section focuses on sales growth. That doesn't necessarily mean a top distributor, but someone who has grown their business positively year over year. 

Community involvement. We all know distributors are a busy group. But their business is personal, and they show support by getting involved outside of the industry as well. Does yours coach his son's Little League team? Or volunteer with a church group? 

Overall, we're looking for a well-rounded individual who succeeds on and off the field. Someone who portrays the quintessential distributor: the distributor's distributor. 

For the fourth year in a row, we're calling on our readers to help nominate candidates for the Mobile Distributor of the Year. We want to provide recognition where recognition is due.

Visit now to submit your nomination today.