In Focus: Chicago Pnuematic CP7732 Stubby 1/2" Impact Wrench

The Chicago Pneumatic CP7732 Stubby 1/2" Impact Wrench, is an ultra-compact and powerful impact wrench designed for difficult work in confined spaces. At only 4.4" long, this tool is ideal for transmission, engine and brake work and features an exceptional power-to-weight/size ratio. The Jumbo Hammer impact mechanism offers both exceptional power and durability at 9,000 rpm. The steel and aluminum construction of the CP7732 provides ultimate tool durability.

Selling points

  • The CP7732 is a tool which will allow a technician to work more easily in a restricted area.
  • With 450 ft/lbs of torque, the CP7732 is a very powerful 1/2" mini impact wrench.
  • There are no controls on the rear of the tool. This means anywhere the technician's hand can fit, so can the CP7732.
  • The CP7732 has three power setting in forward and reverse, with the control lever at the user's fingertips. It has the unique feature of changing to be comfortable for a left- or right-handed technicians.

Features and benefits

Chicago Pneumatic, since 1901 a quality leader in high-performance air tools, offers the CP7732, an ultra-compact and powerful impact wrench designed for difficult to work in confined spaces. At only 4.4" long, this stubby powerhouse is ideal for transmission, engine and brake work.

Small yet powerful, the CP7732 1/2" stubby impact offers an excellent power-to-weight/size ratio. With 450 ft/lbs of torque, and weighing only 2.86 lbs., this addition to the Chicago Pneumatic product line can easily remove or tighten fasteners in the most difficult to reach applications.

A unique feature of the CP7732 is the ability to quickly change tool orientation for either right- or left-handed use. This user-friendly feature complements the single-handed trigger which offers three power settings in both forward and reverse. The Jumbo Hammer impact mechanism provides both exceptional power and durability at 9,000 rpm. The steel and aluminum construction of the CP7732 provides ultimate tool durability.

Smaller than a user's fist, the CP7732 can fit virtually anywhere a hand can. This tool allows technicians to work in tight spaces that are otherwise unreachable with a standard 1/2" or even 3/8" impact wrench.


General repair work, especially in hard to reach areas like transmission, engine  and brake work.


With numerous confined areas typically only accessible by an under powered ratchet or difficult to use hand tool, there was a need for a durable and powerful tool that can reach these restricted areas The CP7732 now allows a technician to access these areas with enough power to remove virtually any fastener. Only 4.4” long, this stubby impact provides a powerful 450 ft/lbs of removal torque. The CP7732 is a great addition to round out any tool box.  For those who prefer a smaller anvil, the CP7731 3/8” drive will be available in August.

Chicago Pneumatic focuses its efforts on unique tooling which not only provides the quality and durability expected by the industry, but also the incorporation of advanced ergonomic features in the tool design. Due to the already small nature of the “Stubby,” weight, size and balance allow for easy handling. The rigid handle provides a secure grip from virtually any angle, and the fingertip controls provide easy single-handed operation. The CP7732 can be quickly configured for either right-or left-hand operation to help suite the user or application. 

Manufacturing specs

Products in the CP Stubby Series incorporate a durable steel front cover with a lightweight aluminum alloy body, making it a durable and versatile tool. The tool delivers a powerful 450 ft/lbs of removal torque in a package the size of a user's fist.

  • 102-310 ft/lbs working torque.
  • 450 ft/lbs max torque.
  • 9,000 rpm.
  • Weigs 2.86 lbs.
  • 4.4” long.

Storage and display

The product is shipped in individual boxes, one tool per box. This tool should be placed on a tool display, so the mechanic can truly see the compact size.

Suggested retail price

$199 for the CP7732 1/2" or the CP7731 3/8” Stubby Impact Wrench

For more information

Lisa McCarley

Vehicle Service Marketing Manager



Real-world comments on the using the CP Stubby Impact Wrench:

“This 1/2" impact can fit in more tight spots, which is definitely a plus. Chicago Pneumatic is known for making some pretty heavy duty equipment, so a piece of equipment like this opens up a world of new possibilities for a lot of undercar work.”

“Chicago Pneumatic has always made a lightweight and easy to use impact, which really keeps the technician in mind when having to hold tools above their heads when working underneath cars.”