The fueling process


Fueling a propane autogas vehicle is just like fueling a gasoline- or diesel powered-vehicle. Plus, The fuel dispensers look and operate similar to gas and diesel pumps.

Before fueling, a best practice is to wear eye protection and gloves.

Here is the fueling procedure:

1. Turn off the vehicle.

2. Remove the cap from the fill tube.

3. Remove the nozzle from the fuel dispenser and lift up the fuel dispenser’s lever.

4.  Screw the nozzle tightly onto the fuel tank fill valve. If the connection is not secure, the fuel will not dispense.

5. Switch the pump on. (Depending on the set up, a fuel card may have to be inserted into the fuel dispenser first.) 

6. Pull the handle on the dispenser nozzle to begin fueling. Typically, there is a small latch in the handle that can be used to keep the fuel flowing without having to keep a hand on the handle.

7. When the vehicle’s propane autogas storage tank if full, the flow of fuel will shut off automatically.

8. Shut off the fuel dispenser off by pushing down on the fuel dispenser’s lever.

9. Release the handle on the dispenser nozzle.

10. Unscrew the nozzle from the fuel tank fill valve and return the dispenser to its original place. 

11. Replace the fuel cap on the fill tube.