A note from PTEN's founder, Rudy Wolf

After 25 years it’s hard to conceive of a product that gets more relevant as time passes, but PTEN certainly has.  The trend to more computer controls and electronics all jammed into smaller engine compartments makes life for the tech almost impossible with just a basic toolbox to work from.  Techs need to know what tools are available to overcome the challenges the carmakers are throwing at them.  We certainly don’t want to send the customer back to the car dealer.

The goal of PTEN back in 1998 was to provide technicians with the best tool solutions manufacturers had to offer, sometimes even before the tool truck and distributors offered them.

Because PTEN was an independent publication, with no manufacturer affiliation, we could publish information about the best available products of the day to solve your difficulties, no matter who made them. If more information was wanted it was available through the reader service card and manufacturers mailed catalogs directly to the technician.

Today we are still striving to present you with all the options, tools and equipment, which will make your life easier and more profitable. The reader service card system is still widely used, but today, like our cars, electronics rule.  So with PTEN, you can get immediate information by using the website (VehicleServicePros.com/directory) and getting more information on what you need immediately.

Thanks for your support through the years and thanks for your suggestions and criticisms which have helped us evolve.  We promise to continue to listen to you and continue to strive to remain the independent source to consult for the latest in new tool and equipment offerings. 

Rudy Wolf, Founder