Lock Technology Self-Locking Door Wedge

The Lock Technology LT276 Self Locking Door Wedge has a wash board/wave ripple surface to it, allowing for easy entry and positioning between the door and rubber strip. The rippled wave-like surface securely locks the wedge in place making it almost impossible to slide out. This tool makes a great addition to a technician’s lock out tool kits, and is also a great aid when completing window regulator replacement, to hold glass securely in position during use.


Features and benefits

This door wedge incorporates a “washboard wave ripple” design to eliminate slippage once inserted in a door or window frame between weather strippers.



  • Use this door wedge to insert lockout tools through the door rubber stripper area.
  • Use to aid in inserting inflatable air bags in door frames.
  • Very useful for holding door glass in place during window regulator work.



The technician who came up with this design was frustrated with current door wedges on the market. They were all flat and triangular in shape, which tended to slide out during use.


Manufacturer specs

  • Wedge is made of injection-molded polypropylene plastic.
  • Orange in color.
  • The unit weighs a few ounces.


Storage and display

Packaged in a see-through plastic bag sealed with a cardboard header showing the product part number.


Suggested retail price



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