Ask the Expert: When cleaning the shop, what's better - an electric shop vacuum, pneumatic vacuum or air gun?

Q: Is it better to use an electric shop vacuum, pneumatic vacuum, or air gun for cleaning?

A: We are often asked this question at Guardair. 

Safety air guns are primarily used for quick cleaning applications (i.e. removing debris off a bench top).  They are versatile tools that are easy to use in a shop where compressed air lines are dropped. Vacuums require more space due to their size, but they efficiently capture debris rather than blowing it back into the environment. 

When it comes to electric shop vacs versus pneumatic vacuums powered by standard shop compressed air, pneumatic vacuums generate twice the suction of electric shop vacs. They do not require electric motors that burn out or house moving parts that wear out.

Guardair offers a full range of safety air guns and pneumatic vacuums, from palm thumb switch safety air guns, to big safety air guns to handheld gun vacuums, to 55-gallon drum-mounted pneumatic vacuums.

Information provided by: Guardair Corp.