Tool Review: Guardair Corp. Lazer Series Safety Air Guns

Eric Moore, co-owner of DeMary Truck in Columbus, OH and Jim Phillips, shop foreman at Lau’s Tire and Auto in Milwaukee, WI, tested versions of the Guardair Corp. Lazer Series Safety Air Guns.

Moore tested the palm-switch version of the Lazer Series Safety Air Gun and liked that this grip allowed the user to grasp it and use it in the orientation it was picked up.

"To be able to pick it up, and just squeeze to use, is nice," adds Moore.

Phillips tested the pistol-grip style, which, unlike the palm-switch style, needs to be re-oriented prior to use.

Even though there was no manual included, both technicians found assembly to be fast and easy. The safety air guns offer several choices of tips for multiple applications. Each gun came with several fittings and accessories including a male fitting, a rubber tip, an extension wand, a restricted tip and a needle tip.

Moore commented on the setup process, mentioning that the 1/4” male fitting needed to be installed into the inlet. From there, the user only needs to select the appropriate accessory for the task.

Phillips has used a previous versions of this tool category including, "a blow gun with a 12" tip, another with a 30" tip and another with a stubby tip," he says. However this Guardair air gun offered a rubber tip, which he used multiple times. Phillips has used this gun to blow out heater core and coolant passages and to clean hardware and general surface work areas.

Moore’s shop used the palm-grip style for similar tasks such as, "drying vehicles that were washed, or for clearing debris away from the work area (on the vehicle) when diagnosing a complaint," he says.

Although Phillips didn’t have any recommendation to improve the tool itself, he did comment on the packaging. "Once opened, the pieces fall around easily, making it difficult to store the items together without losing them."

He was also curious about the functionality of the tips due to their diameter size. Because there were two tips that were the same, or very close in size, Phillips wondered if they were duplicates or if they were actually different somehow.

Moore has used air guns in the past, mentioning that he has several styles of air guns in the shop including the traditional thumb trigger, handheld full-length trigger and the twist-open style.

Commenting on the ease of use with the Lazer air gun when using the rubber tip, Moore advised it was sometimes cumbersome. He says, "It was slightly awkward to use accurately at times, due to the closeness of the work piece. This sometimes meant adding the extension wand, which also added to the awkwardness."

He gave this tool a high seven out of 10. He says, "Overall, it’s not earth-shattering and the job(s) for what it is designed can be accomplished with the tried and true designs that have been around for decades.”

Phillips found the pistol-grip version of this tool easy to handle and easy to change tips, and gave this tool a 10 out of 10. He felt it had a rugged design, and it "did what it was supposed to do."


Product Description:

The Guardair Corp. Lazer Series Safety Air Gun Kits offer patented ergonomic contoured grips with comfort triggers in palm-switch and pistol-grip styles, which are available with aluminum extensions from 6” to 72” in length. Designed to maximize operator comfort and reduce hand fatigue, these air guns provide extended-reach capability for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. The integrated hanging hook and eyelet offer intuitive storage and retrieval, enabling quick access for versatile cleaning applications. Additional features include a lightweight, all-metal construction, an aluminum venturi nozzle, a 1/4” FNPT inlet, a pressure barrier from the inner air hose. The Lazer Series Safety Air Guns meet OSHA standards for added safety in the workplace when it comes to output pressure, noise and chip fly-back. The guns produce a high-performance output thrust of 0.6 lbs. when field tested at 100 psi.