Ask the Expert: What causes sulphation in a lead acid battery, and are there solutions to fix this?

Q: What causes sulphation in a lead acid battery and are there solutions to fix this?  

A:More often than not, sulphation is caused by user neglect or in many cases, just not paying attention to your battery. 

This problem can occur whenever a battery is discharged and not recharged properly in a timely manner. This discharge could be due to an electronic load, such as leaving a light or other electronics on, or just simply letting a vehicle sit too long.  

When batteries become discharged, crystals build up from lead sulphate. If the battery is not charged immediately, the crystals grow and the battery loses capacity. Some battery chargers, including CTEK's, can desulphate the lead plates by dissolving the large lead sulphate crystals. The battery regains partial or original capacity after desulphating.

(Infographic: See happens to batteries without proper battery maintenance.)

Information provided by: CTEK