Wisconsin distributor finds balance between work and family

John Leonardelli, a 27-year veteran Mac Tools distributor in Southwestern Milwaukee County, WI, has found one of the greatest challenges as finding the right balance between work and personal life. As a distributor, he works long hours. But working close to home and managing his own hours has allowed him to be an involved family man. 

Previous to working as a distributor, Leonardelli began his career in the motor pool of an Army Reserve unit. After serving in the Army Reserve, he began working for a full-service automotive shop where he “wore many hats.”

At the automotive shop, Leonardelli towed vehicles and worked as a technician and a manager, in addition to other jobs. Leonardelli says, “After 16 years it became difficult to manage. I was very hands-on and when I looked into the tool business. I thought I wouldn’t have to wear as many hats.”

Now, as a Mac Tools distributor, he finds that he wears just as many, if not more. One of the biggest challenges as a distributor is time management. Leonardelli says, “You have to see a certain amount of people every day. You have to have time on the road visiting people, and there are so many other things that you have to do.”

Even though Leonardelli works long hours, often beginning his day at 4 AM and working some until 9 PM, he has always been able to be there for his family.

“I still have to have a family life. I pride myself on never missing anything as a parent,” he says.

Working as a tool distributor in the same area as his home, Leonardelli was never more than 15 minutes away from his family. “My kids never claimed that I wasn’t there for them when they needed me. It was an advantage being close to my home, where I could be there when necessary, if there was a school event, or my wife was sick. It was essential.”