Three essentials to cooling system maintenance


The Technology & Maintenance Council’s Recommended Practice RP 313C, Checklist for Cooling System Maintenance, says there are three basic things to remember when thinking about cooling system maintenance in heavy duty vehicles, says Colin Dilley, Ph.D., Prestone’s director of technology:

1. Use an antifreeze/coolant that satisfies industry standards and performance requirements.

2. Maintain proper additive levels and regularly top off coolants at regular service intervals.

3. Test the coolant regularly for proper additive levels and freeze protection.

Following these recommendations will help engines achieve their optimum performance levels in real-world on- and off-road applications.

“Certain chemical, physical and performance properties of an engine coolant must be checked periodically to ensure that it meets the specific requirements of the cooling system,” he adds. “A variety of laboratory and field tests have been developed to help ensure that the coolant is preventing both the corrosion of metal components and does no harm to other cooling system materials.”