ATEQ VT56 OBDII TPMS Diagnostic Tool

The ATEQ VT56 OBDII TPMS Diagnostic Tool (No. T556-1000) is a multi-function TPMS tool with an optional wireless printer and docking station. The tool features a soft, eight-button, ergonomic keypad and provides a modern and easy sensor-triggering and programming experience. It also features a high-resolution, 4.3" color display. The unit adapts to technician needs with advancements such as icon-based navigation to easily scroll through multiple menus and features. The tool also offers trouble-free updates on a fresh platform.


Selling points

  • Fully-updateable, universal TPMS tool.
  • All programmable sensors can be programmed with this tool.
  • Full relearn procedures.
  • OBDII module for ECU reset.
  • Icon-driven, intuitive learning.


Features and benefits

The VT56 OBD II activates and decodes TPMS sensors as well as displays the data or any faults. Training is nearly nonexistent as the whole process is displayed on-screen. Even the newest recruited technician can use it.

The purpose of the VT56-OBD II is to retrieve data from the tire pressure sensor, verify the identities of each tire pressure sensor mounted on vehicle wheels, assist a technician to reset the TPM system on the vehicle, and test the RKE signal strength. It also has the ability to transfer data into the vehicle ECU (OBD II interface option) and can interact with the tire pressure sensor without contact through wireless communication.

Additional features include:

  • Full-color 4.3” screen.
  • Icon-driven, intuitive learning.
  • Easy part number lookup.
  • OBD II module for ECU reset.
  • Dated history file.
  • Programs all popular TPMS sensors.
  • Vehicle DLC locator.
  • Key fob tester and RF signal tester.
  • Wi-Fi connection to PC, and Wi-Fi updates.
  • Barcode scanner for vehicle ID.
  • Bluetooth connection for printing.
  • Docking cradle with thermal printer.
  • Updates via USB, Wi-Fi and SD card.
  • TPMS DTC retriever.
  • Full relearn procedures.



The VT56 is a continuously evolving TPMS tool thanks to software updates adding functionality, features and user-friendliness while keeping the same hardware. There is no need to buy a new tool since there are always new sensors on the market or new features available.



The VT-56 is the best way to turn the tire pressure warning light off, the company claims. ATEQ added features that would make the VT56 an all-in-one tool that has the capability to fit all a shops' TPMS diagnosing needs.


Manufacturing specs

ATEQ’s own engineers custom-developed the VT56, and it is made in Taiwan.

  • Powered with Li-ion rechargeable batteries, and comes with a charger.
  • Radio reception, two frequencies: 315 MHz and 433.92 MHz.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB port with included USB cable, PC driver and software.
  • Software upgrades upon release.


Storage and display

The VT56 is shipped one unit per package and should be placed in clean, dry storage. When shipping and storing, do not stack on top of the box. The unit is shipped in a small UPS package.


Suggested retail price



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