Thexton TH513 Delphi Jumper Wire and Circuit Replacement Kit

The Thexton TH513 Delphi Jumper Wire and Circuit Replacement Kit allows technicians to test and replace defective Delphi terminals. The kit includes all of the necessary jumper wires, test leads, terminals, butt splices, terminal release tools and heat shrink to repair most damaged Delphi circuits. If a terminal is deemed defective, simply remove the terminal using the correct terminal release tool provided in the kit, cut the defective wire off and splice in a new wire using the parts provided.


Features and benefits

The Thexton TH513 Delphi Jumper Wire and Circuit Replacement Kit saves the user time when repairing a Delphi connector. The kit includes everything to repair the Delphi connector with terminal release tools, pigtails for the Delphi connectors, butt splices and heat shrink for replacing the bad pigtail.



This kit covers most Delphi connectors in circulation. It provides the technician everything he or she needs when it comes to repairing Delphi connectors.



This product was developed to help solve connector repair issues reported from the field. The kit allows the technician the ability to quickly repair Delphi connectors from one kit.


Manufacturing specs

All manufacturing components are made in the U.S. The kit consists of terminal tools, replacement pigtails, test jumper wires, butt splices and heat shrink. The kit weighs less than 5 lbs.


Storage and display

The kit is shipped in a plastic case with everything in separate, labeled compartments. Every technician that does electrical testing can use the kit.


Other information

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Peter Swenson, Thexton Mfg. Co. Vice president,sales and marketing