Top 10 Tools: Tools for the local automotive aftermarket authority

SHOP: Mattingly’s Auto Service Center

LOCATION: Bradenton, FL

OWNER: Chuck Mattingly

Chuck Mattingly opened Mattingly’s Auto Service Center in 2003 in Bradenton, FL after managing and owning gas stations for 16 years. His reputation for being well informed about automotive repair has earned impressive coverage in the local media. He was recently interviewed by a local newspaper on the right to repair law. Here are his top 10 tools.

1) Alldata Pro information system

“It (Alldata repair information) has all the information on what you need to repair any car that comes in the shop. It’s a very important piece of equipment,” Mattingly says. With Alldata, the shop has instant access to a single source of accurate, up-to-date OE-direct diagnosis, repair, and maintenance information. Available online 24/7 and automatically updated, the database offers information covering more than 33,000 engine-specific vehicles. Repair procedures, diagrams and TSBs are specific to each vehicle for factory-correct repairs. For information, go to /11319826.

2) Bosch OTC Genisys Touch

“I can get in the (Genisys Touch) and get the information I need. It has all the information; not just for domestic vehicles. It has the Asian and European vehicles, too. And it’s very user friendly.” Genisys Touch is a PC-based tablet diagnostic system with an included J2534 reflash device. It includes an auto detect feature. The system automatically detects and alerts the technician if there are any on-tool or internet repair solutions available for the specific year, make and model based on trouble code or symptom. For information, go to /10820435

3) Motorvac 1000 Motor Carbon Cleaner

“It (the carbon cleaner) solves a lot of driveability issues by cleaning the fuel injectors.” MotorVac’s CarbonClean 1000 Fuel System Cleaning machine, combined with its MV-5 and MV-6 fuel system cleaner and engine decarbonizer fluid, is an all-in-one fuel system cleaning service. This one-step system makes it possible to connect to thousands of vehicles using the unique adapter set and easy-to-follow online application guide. For information, go to 

4) Power Probe III

“I love it for the ease of use. It power ups the circuits when I need it to.” The unit features an easy-to-read, backlit voltmeter for reading voltage at the tip. It is 42V ready and has rugged, gold-plated connectors for more secure connections. A standard 4mm cap ensures full compatibility with the company's Gold Series leads, as well as other 4mm leads, plugs and jacks. For information, go to

5) Snap-on John Bean Prism Pro 42 alignment machine EEWA557B

“I do a lot of tires and alignments. It’s a great little machine.” The system combines imaging alignment technology in a portable package. The Prism machine leverages a wireless communication system with Bluetooth technology, cordless pods powered by lithium ion batteries, and components made from lightweight magnesium. For information, go to

6) Streamlight LED Stinger

“It’s rechargeable and very bright, very light and easy to lift. It’s very easy to use.” The Stinger LED delivers up to 80 lumens of bright white light. The three-watt, super high flux LED works with Streamlight's proprietary, deep-dish parabolic reflector to provide an even, highly-usable light spread, and the microprocessor-controlled LED offers three variable light modes in addition to a strobe mode. For information, go to

7) Rotary Lift 4-post, SM123 

“The quality and ease of use is great. The finish is also very nice. And it has rolling jacks. It’s a well made piece of equipment.” The SM123 is a predecessor to the current SM14 from Rotary Lift and can handle cars, vans and trucks. Its hydraulic cylinder is located under one of the runways, so there are no overhead obstructions that could damage doors and mirrors. Optional rolling jacks increase versatility by lifting the wheels off the runways for brake, tire, suspension or alignment work. The SM14 is ALI certified to meet industry safety and performance standards. For information on the S14, go to

8) Rotary Lift asymmetrical lift, No. SP0A1

“I like it for its ease of use and its quality. We use it to lift cars to do brake jobs where we can get the wheel off of a car." The two-post SP0A1 from Rotary Lift has a 10,000-lb capacity. Its single-piece steel columns are bent in Rotary Lift's original "double S" shape for superior strength and are rotated 30 degrees to provide true asymmmetrical lifting. This design places the vehicle's center of gravity in an optimal location and allows technicians to fully open doors for interior access. For information, go to

9) Makita cordless impact, BTD 142

“I use it for taking out bolts and quick little jobs. It’s quiet and easy to use. I use it for installing radiators and taking off engine cowlings.” The impact’s 4-pole motor delivers 1,280 in lbs of max torque. Variable speed design (0-2,300 rpm and 0-3,200 ipm) covers a wide range of fastening applications. The unit is 5' 3/4" long and weighs only 2.9 lbs for reduced operator fatigue. A 1/4" hex chuck allows for quick bit changes. Built-in LED light with afterglow illuminates the work area. The ergonomic shape fits like a glove with even pressure and easy control and the soft-grip handle provides increased comfort on the job. For information, go to /11361525

10) E-Z Red spline ratcheting wrench

“I like it because it is extra long. It has a flexible head. You can go forward or in reverse with it.” The wrench is part of a 5-piece extra long flex head spline ratcheting wrench set, No. NR5M from E-Z Red. The ratcheting wrench has extra long spine with 180-degree flex heads. The tool meets and exceeds ASME/ANSI torque specifications. For information, go to