Sales tip: Key seasons to prep your truck

Boyd Sutfin, a Cornwell dealer in Madison, WI, suggests preparing for two key seasons during the year: the holidays, and the tool show.

Sutfin says it’s important to run down inventory on the truck before these two seasonal times. 

"I would try not to order as much for the truck. You still have to order some stuff, don’t order for your truck."

During the holiday season, not as many customers are buying. “Your customer count comes down. They say they don’t have the money because of (buying) Christmas presents," says Sutfin.

He also offers this advice when purchasing before the annual tool rally.

"Don’t buy anything for your truck about a month before. Unless you need to order something for somebody. It’ll get pretty bare in here (the truck). The older dealers taught me that."

He now understands the importance of saving space for the extra product he’d get at the show: "I realized, I could spend $4,000, and get $8,000 worth of tools."


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