Sales tip: Stop at truck shops

Boyd Sutfin, Cornwell dealer in Madison, WI, suggests stopping at truck shops in addition to automotive shops.

Sutfin finds the most opportunity with truck stops – which include anywhere from medium duty through Class 8 facilities, trailer equipment, construction and cold transportation (reefer) repair. In addition to the regular gamut of tools an auto repair tech might need, these heavy duty shops require a more extensive array of tools to have on-hand. 

"I like the truck shops more. They need everything, from the little screwdrivers to the two-inch tools. They’ve just got such a big box to build," says Sutfin.

The diesel technicians and heavy duty customers, Sutfin says, "Do everything the car guy does. But the car guy doesn’t need everything the truck guy does. (Truck guys) need everything from 1/4-inch to 3/4–inch, or one-inch impacts." 

He also says heavy duty techs need larger wrench sets – in both metric and standard, as well as different sized tools like pry bars. "They need everything from a small pry bar to a six-footer."

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